Naneisuisan offers an authentic and traditional taste of Japanese Isoyaki-style dining, delivering an authentic flavor of the east whilst respecting the traditions of the past.

Nan Ei Yaki

The “Isoyaki” style of cooking seafood has a long tradition of broiling freshly caught fish and seafood on the beach.

Today, Isoya is more commonly associated with the raw grilling of fresh fish and seafood at the table in an Izakaya.

At Nan Ei, we offer a sophisticated take on this classic Japanese style, respecting tradition whilst bringing an authentic Eastern flavor to your dining experience. 


Located in the heart of Hong Kong. Naneisuisan offers a sophisticated twist on the Japanese Isoyaki style of Izakaya dining.

Nan Ei features a variety of seating options, including a main dining area, all of which are complemented by traditional Japanese Izakaya decorations that infuse the space with an authentic Eastern ambiance.

Private Dining

Nan Ei offers unique spaces perfect for any event. Our private dining rooms can accommodate up to 6 or 18 guests, making them the perfect location to host corporate or social gatherings, dinner parties, or an intimate date night.