Fish Information

Snapper Fish

The appearance is light red, and the white fish meat is refreshing and delicious. Shiluoyan is tough and has a bite, exuding a touch of sweetness. I believe that it is not difficult for everyone to find the golden eye sea bream/golden eye sea bream/red leather knife. Many fish in Japan are named after the word “dai”, such as Ishidai, Amadai, and bream (dai). Matoudai) and Kinmedai) etc. In fact, most of the fish in it are not of the bream family, just named after it, and not very related to each other. The golden-eyed sea bream is classified as a white-fleshed fish. The meat is tender and sweet, with high umami components, and it is an extremely outstanding presence. Compared with white-fleshed fish such as red sea bream (Ma-dai) and flounder (Hirame), kinmeme has richer oil and better aroma, making it delicious as sashimi or sushi. There are generally two ways to deal with golden sea bream: soup cream (汤引き Yubiki) and broiled (烧り Aburi). Soup cream is a sushi technique that can also be called “Skin Cream り Kawashimo-tsukuri” (Yubiki is a more common name). It is done by pouring hot water over the fish skin, which softens the skin and releases its subcutaneous fat.

Deep Sea Pond Fish

The meat is tender and plump, the fat is thick and oily, and the fish oil is sweet and fragrant in the mouth. The sashimi can bring out the fragrant oil of pond fish.


White fish is one of the representative fish species. The meat is delicate, the oil content is low, but the flavor is strong, and the taste is soft and tough, which is very delicious.


It belongs to white fish, the flesh color is white and red, the fat content is moderate during the production period, the taste is refreshing and sweet, and the meat is firm and elastic.


Among the white fish, it has a strong fishy smell. It has moderate oil content, soft and tough texture, and very elastic teeth.